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Tammy is afraid of the dark. Her angst is increased when her mother tells her there is "nothing" to be afraid of. Tammy imagines the worst. Children will enjoy this humorous book written to quiet night-time fears. Ages 4 - 8 will enjoy hearing the book and elementary school age children up through 4th grade will enjoy reading the book on their own. Beau's Ride. Your child will love the beautiful illustrations and the fun story while learning a few facts about the American Revolution.

BobbiCat Visits Egypt. BobbiCat Visits Egypt is a delightful rhyming book your child will love to read over and over.

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Visiting historical places was never so much fun. Introduce your child to the pyramids, the Sphinx, hieroglyphs, and much more. Fishing with Dad. Fishing with Dad is the story of a boy who went fishing with his father and the fun day they had. The best memories are created with our loved ones.

Holiday at the Zoo. Holiday at the Zoo is a fun zoo story about the day all the animal cages magically opened and the animals roamed free. Fun is had by all in the creative and imaginative story. Hortense and the Magic Beans. Hortense and the Magic Beans is a modern fairytale about a small white mouse and his magic beans. Imaginative and lyrical, this sweet story captures the enchantment and joy of adventure when the magic beans begin to grow into a beanstalk, rising high into the sky.

Minnie's Imaginary Friends. Beautiful, thoughtfully drawn illustrations reveal the portrait of a cheerful little girl with a vivid imagination with whom younger readers will identify. Written with insight and understanding, here is an inspiring look at one spunky little girl whose physical disability is never seen as a handicap. Read to Me. Read to Me is a storybook written in rhyme with each story emphasizing the fun and importance of reading.

Children will delight in the enchanting stories and want to hear them again and again. Tiny Dog. Why Crickets Sing. Why Crickets Sing is the story of a young cricket who learns just how important he is to the world. All About Me.

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  • All About Me by BobbiCat is a book of positive stories and poems to celebrate the goodness and joy of life. BobbiCat talks about being the very best she can be, how true beauty comes from within, what to do when feeling blue, how to use your imagination, people are more important than things, and many more. Children will love the beautiful pictures and want to have the poems read to them again and again. This is the story of a little girl named Blanca Maria. She was born with her left leg shorter than the right leg. She did not walk even after she had surgery to correct the problem.

    Blanca lived in Tucson, Arizona in That December, Tucson had gotten seven inches of snow; something that was unheard of in that part of the country. Along with the snow came something magical that Christmas Eve. En el mes de diciembre de , siete pulgadas de nieve cubrieron la ciudad. Time for Sleep Pete. The mice need cheese cubes; the lion wants his mane brushed.

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    And have the pigeons been sung a lullaby? Dreams Can Come True. Too often we bring unwanted things to ourselves, because we do not realize we are doing it. And in doing so, we teach our children the same habit.


    The Adventures of Sam Maverick. This biography of the legendary Texas pioneer Sam Maverick recounts the incredible stories that shaped his life, a life that is entwined with some of the most pivotal moments in the early history of Texas. Sam Maverick participated in hand-to-hand combat at the Battle of Bexar in San Antonio, signed the Texas Declaration of Independence, fought with Comanche Indians, and survived a forced mile march through the desert to the Perote Prison in Mexico, to name just a few of the many heroic adventures that are retold in this exciting biography.

    Included are dramatic illustrations, a Texas map, a Maverick family tree, and vocabulary with definitions at the end of every chapter. I Did It! Three-year-old Kolby is sad and misses his daddy very much, because Daddy had a bad accident and is in the hospital for a very long time.

    One day something exciting happens. Daddy comes home! What can Kolby do to show his daddy how much he missed him while he was away? How can Kolby show his love for his daddy? With the help of his grandmother, Kolby learns that love shines by becoming a helper.

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    That's the Way the Ball Bounces. Miss Erin G. She has big ones, little ones, and amazing ones that do unexpected things. She likes to throw them, kick them, and strike them with a bat, but she especially loves to bounce them. One day Erin receives a strange package in the mail. But what will Erin do with such a curious and magical ball? Tessa—The Leatherback Turtle.

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    Tessa—The Leatherback Turtle is the story of a young hatchling that is abused and left to die. Children who have been abused find it difficult to feel they are like other children.

    They feel afraid, insecure and ugly. This story was written to give these children hope. Alphabet Tales. Alphabet Tales, an award winning children's book, is a collection of 30 short stories to delight readers of all ages. Full of humor and fun, this book is a marvelous way to teach phonics to young readers. Great for home schoolers! This book includes tongue-twisting tales using other sounds as well, such as the ch, sh, and th combinations.

    An added bonus is the fact that the pictures are black and white sketches, in case your little artist would like to put his own unique stamp on each poem.

    21 poems to share with children

    The Eagle and the Pelican. The Eagle and the Pelican is a beautifully illustrated story of creation from the perspective of Nature. This is a book grown-ups will love reading over and over to kids—both young and old. Children will enjoy these brightly colored illustrations. Ready, Set, Rabbit!

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    As it happens, just about everything. Want the formula for success? The secret handshake? The key to the Golden Dream? Get ready to discover them all! Lost and Found. Sixteen-year-old JoAnne Mathis knows what she wants, a puppy of her own. But not just any puppy, a Belgian Malinois pup that she can train for search and rescue and let sleep on the foot of her bed.